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2020 Crosspointe Election Candidate Biography for Randy Cotten Inadvertently Left Out of Jan/Feb 2020 Chronicle

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Please consider Randy Cotten for the election as you would the other five nominees that were included in the latest Chronicle (and below).  At the time of election, four positions will be chosen. 

Randy Cotten - Chase Glen Circle

My family has called Crosspointe home for over three years. In that time, we have met many incredible neighbors, enjoyed the community’s abundant amenities, and had our decision to join the neighborhood reaffirmed time and time again.  As a Trustee, I will work diligently to preserve the attributes that make Crosspointe one of Northern Virginia’s premier communities. I believe that fiscal responsibility and transparency are critical in the decision-making process of any successful community and will work to ensure that the Board continues to uphold the interests of Crosspointe residents with these principles in mind. Further, with the planned police substation on Lorton Road, the ongoing residential and commercial development at the former Lorton Reformatory, and countless other initiatives underway around us, I will work to ensure that Crosspointe is well-represented in these discussions as our neighborhood continues to grow. As a proud parent of two young children, I look forward to promoting and strengthening community-building activities for our families. From inviting Santa to visit during the holidays to serving as a gathering place for Scouting activities and board game enthusiasts, we can all benefit from getting to know our neighbors through shared experiences. I have held several leadership positions in both my professional and personal life, and recently concluded a two-year detail with the senior leadership team at a large Federal agency. I have served on Crosspointe’s Pool Committee for the past three years and look forward to the opportunity to continue to serve our community as a Trustee.

Andrew Haskins – Chase Glen Circle

When I think of home, I cannot help but think of Crosspointe.  I moved here in the second grader and left to attend college and start a family of my own.  The atmosphere, amenities and sense of community that make Crosspointe so unique have left me many fond memories and reserved it a special place in my heart.  

I have been an employee of the federal government for over 15 years, serving in a variety of security, innovation and leadership roles.  In my spare time, I am a Cub Scout leader, coach for various sports teams, and active in my church.   I was elected to the Crosspointe Board of Trustees in 2018 and have also been member of the Crosspointe Open Space Committee.

As a former resident who has returned to Crosspointe with young children, I believe I bring a unique perspective to the Board.  I have learned a lot during the past two years on the Board and I look forward to using that knowledge on the association’s behalf for another term.  In particular, I am excited to stand up a Crosspointe Communications Committee to help share information and increase community awareness.  I would also be honored to be able to continue to work with other volunteers on the Social Committee, building on the progress that has already been made to expand and solidify our Crosspointe community.  I thank you for your time and respectfully request your vote in the upcoming election.


Ashley O'Donnell - Silvercreek Court

Crosspointe family, we’ve entered a new decade (woah, can you believe it?!)…it’s an exciting time for us and I’m honored to be considered as a BOT candidate. My husband, Rick, and dog, Remy, have been residents of Crosspointe since 2015 and we selected to live here because of the amazing community/neighbors, great location, beautiful trails/outdoor space, and stellar schools.

Five things about me…

1.     I’m an energetic, positive, and driven consultant and talent leader with over a decade of experience leading teams serving in the public/private sectors.

2.     My professional focus is across talent, inclusion, organizational development, strategic communications, program management, and facilitation, all of which complements my M.S. in Organization Development and Knowledge Management (George Mason University) and my B.A. in Spanish (Davidson College).

3.     I’m committed to this community and love connecting with people – which stems from being a frequent hospitality transplant, growing up and living in Boston, Austin, Toronto, and Dubai. #nevermetastranger

4.     Your voice and ideas matter to me. We’ve entered the roaring ‘20s – a new decade which holds so much promise. I’m eager to hear your voice and learn what you’re passionate about. You are the voice of the community.

5.     I’m a Pure Barre enthusiast, an aspiring Peloton rider/yogi/meditator, a wine-loving cook, and a rescue dog lover.

I’m ready to infuse my energy and positivity into our community and I’m eager to see where we can go together in this decade. Thank you for your consideration and remember…Do more of what makes you sparkle.


Brian L. Riley - Autumn Oak Court

We have lived in Crosspointe since 1994.  I am retired, both from the Army and my last civilian job.  I have served on the Board of Trustees (BOT) for fourteen years, the last thirteen as Treasurer.  Prior to the BOT I served on the Open Space Committee for nine years.  I am a degreed accountant with over 20 years of public and private financial management experience which significantly assists me in my role as Treasurer for the BOT as it oversees and monitors the budgeting and expenditure of Association funds.  If re-elected to the BOT, my governing philosophy continues to include:

  1. Fiscal Responsibility.  As the BOT Treasurer I also serve as a voting member of the Budget and Finance Committee (B&FC).  I will continue, in association with the B&FC Chair and other members, to ensure the community budget is as lean as possible, but still sufficient to maintain our community in a good state of repair to ensure it continues to be one of the most desirable places to live in Fairfax County.
  2. Open Meetings.  I believe the BOT should be transparent in all its actions and will continue to limit executive sessions to only those matters required by law.
  3. Communication.  I will continue to encourage the BOT and committees to increase use of the Association website to better inform the members of the community.

 Thank you for once again considering me as one of your Trustees.


Hayden Shea - Ivy Green Road

Hello Neighbors!  I would like to ask for your vote to join the Crosspointe BoT.  I grew in up Crosspointe.  I moved in to the neighborhood just before my 5th birthday and I was a resident for 16 years until I left for college at Virginia Tech.  After college, I spent several years living in other states and now, I am thankful to be back at home as a Crosspointe homeowner myself!  My wife (who also grew up in Crosspointe), and I chose to move back to this neighborhood because of the people and high quality of life in this community.  If elected, I will support investments that maintain Crosspointe as a leading community in the Northern Virginia region. I am motivated to an active member in the community.  As a husband and a father, I want this community to continue to thrive so my family may enjoy same great experiences I had growing up here.  I enjoy spending time with my family swimming at the pool, riding on the bike paths, and fishing at Heron Pond.  Professionally, I have worked for a large Aerospace company since 2012.  I started as an engineer, then transitioned to internal research and development.  Currently, I am a Principal in our Venture Capital fund for partnerships with startup companies in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, and Cyber Security.  I believe my passion for this community and experience makes me an ideal candidate for the Board of Trustees.  Thank you for your consideration.


Alan Sullivan – Lake Mist Way

My family has lived in Crosspointe for 30 years and during that time have witnessed and participated in its growth from a developer-controlled project to a fully built out community.  The BOT has always pursued a policy of financial stability and facility maintenance, and where appropriate, facility development.  Consequently, our thirty-year old community remains a safe and sound investment, and a very desirable place to live and raise a family.  Two years ago, the BOT invested in recoating the Oak Chase pool, and is prepared to do so at the Glen Eagles Pool when required.  The BOT has recently authorized a major investment in renovating our tennis courts.  Our trails and paths have been extensively upgraded as part of a robust ongoing effort to preserve and enhance them.  Tot lots have been replaced and are inspected annually by a certified firm.  The BOT continues to invest in the health and maintenance of Heron Pond, including restocking with fish.   In short, our facilities are being maintained and developed in an “as new” condition.  I’ve served on either the Pool Committee or the BOT (VP, Secretary) since our arrival in 1989, and have never regretted our decision to live in Crosspointe.  We have great schools, well-maintained homes, an outstanding trail system, and up-to-date facilities.  Our financial security will permit us to invest as necessary to meet emerging regulatory requirements.  I am seeking reelection to your Board of Trustees, and am grateful for your continuing trust in your BOT.

No Monday Yard Debris Pickup Until March 2020

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Republic Services ended yard debris pickup in Crosspointe on Monday, Dec. 16, 2019.  Yard debris can be set out with normal trash throughout the winter months and pickup will start up again in March 2020.  Check the January/February 2020 Crosspointe Chronicle for dates and details.  

Remember that Republic can no longer collect glass with your recyclables.  Please put glass out with your regular trash.  If you wish to continue to recycle glass, the landfill on Furnace Road in Lorton accepts glass. 

Please remember that yard debris bags and trash & recycling containers must be stored out of public view except on days of collection.  Trash, recycling & yard debris may only be set out for pickup the night before and no earlier than 6pm. 

Thank you to the Crosspointe residents who abide by the standards and store their trash and recycling toters out of public view.  We greatly appreciate your efforts.

Assessment Payment Address

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Crosspointe’s management company, FirstService Residential, recently mailed account statements to ALL owners. This was done in error. Homeowners setup to make quarterly payments through ClickPay’s ACH recurring payments (autopay), credit card payments, or by direct debit, should disregard the statements. Automatic payments will continue to be processed as usual. No additional payment is due. If you have questions about your ClickPay account, please feel free to contact ClickPay at 1-888-354-0135 (Opt. #1) or go to or

Owners making assessment payments by check or bank bill pay service will need to update the PO Box number when sending assessment payments. The change takes place Jan. 1, 2019. Owners using a bank bill pay service will need to contact their banks or access their payment accounts and change the PO Box number to 62010. Please confirm that the mailing address is correct:

c/o FirstService Residential DC Metro PROCESSING CENTER
PO BOX 62010
NEWARK, NJ 07101

If your payment was mailed to the old lockbox address (old PO Box), do not worry.  Payments will continue to be processed for a few more months at the old lockbox but do not delay, update the mailing address right away. 

Report a Crime, Suspicious Person or Activity

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To report a crime that has already taken place, or a suspicious person or activity, any suspicious activity, use this non-emergency reporting number for the Fairfax County Police Department. Use this method if you want to speak with or see a police officer.

Call 703-691-2131

Found: Racquets at Tennis Courts

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Contact Management Office to describe racquets at 703-690-2321. 

Found: Boy's Bicycle

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FOUND:  Boys bicycle on path behind Oak Chase Circle tennis courts.  Please call 703-690-9640 to claim.

VDOT Snow Removal on All Crosspointe Community Streets

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The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is responsible for removing snow and ice from the thousands of miles of public roads (interstate, primary, and secondary) in Fairfax County, including Crosspointe streets.  Below are some common questions asked every year regarding the snow removal of Crosspointe streets to include some helpful links for residents, provided by VDOT.  

How soon will all roads be passable after a winter storm?
Other secondary roads and subdivision streets will be treated if multiday storms hit Virginia, but crews will focus their efforts on those roads that carry the most traffic. The innovative Web tool, found at

Set of House/Car Keys Found on Oak Chase Circle

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If you lost a set of house/car keys along Oak Chase Circle, please contact the Crosspointe Management Office at 703-690-2321 to provide a description of the lost keychain. Hopefully we can locate its owners.   

South County Police Station and Animal Shelter Information Meeting - Wed., Oct. 11, 2017, 7:30pm

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The South County Federation will hold an information meeting on Wednesday, October 11, 2017, at South County High School Library (Media Room). 

The meeting will start at 7:30 pm. Representatives from Mount Vernon District Supervisor Storck’s office, Fairfax County Design Team (Fairfax County Police Station, Animal Shelter, and the Building Design and Construction Division), and the Steering Committee will be present to discuss the progress and answer questions regarding this facility. 

BOT Approves Property Standards Update for Mailboxes

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BOT Approves Property Standards Update for Mailboxes

The Board of Trustees has approved the ARB’s recommendation for a locking mailbox option as specified in the following update. The changes resulted from some homeowners experiencing problems with mail tampering and theft. The complete revised standard including the appendix is available online. Web site:                    

 Revise the following section as indicated:
XI.FF. Mailboxes and Posts
Add the following to paragraph 1. Requirement:
 c. An application is not required to install an Oasis 360 Parcel Mailbox (locking) provided the standards are met.
 Replace the contents of paragraph 2. Standards with the following:
  1. Mailboxes will be United States Postal Service (USPS) approved and gloss black. They can be either steel or plastic cans, size C1½, or a steel Oasis 360 Parcel Mailbox (locking). Only one post design is approved for use. See Appendix A-3. Mailbox post color will be as determined by the ARB.  Check with the Management Office.

  2. Mailboxes are available at local hardware stores. If not in stock, go to customer service or order online.

  3. Replacement mailboxes and posts shall be placed in the same location.

  4. For ease of identification by emergency personnel, house numbers of reflective white, black or brass  no more than 3 inches in height may be placed on the mailbox or post.

  5. Decorated mailboxes or permanent covers for mailboxes are prohibited.

  6. Mailboxes must be well maintained, i.e., free of rust, dents, and or fading color. Plastic mailboxes must be replaced when they begin to fade.

  7. Posts must be plumb, in good condition and stained when color fades.