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A repository of announcements and general news articles about our community. 

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Highlights from the Jan. 12 South County Federation Mtg. provided by Cathy Bonnefil

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    • If you are a businessman, or know someone who is, you may be interested in the South Fairfax Chamber of Commerce's new virtual platform which allows members to increase their virtual visibility and build social media and enhanced marketing. Contact Casey  Whitmarsh at  to get more information and find out about the benefits, including a tool to get your business out there virtually.
    • Supervisor Storck's 34th Annual MV Town meeting on February 6, will be all virtual and may be followed on Channel 16 or Facebook, and starts at 9 AM.

    • Covid vaccine program - Frustration abounds. Dan Storck has sent out a newsletter with the registration form, as well as the 703 324-7404 vaccine hotline. You can also find the information on Mr Storck's website. The hotline got more than 200,000 calls in 24 hours, and so it’s probably a better idea to register on line or with the paper registration form.

    • Sidewalk for Hooes Rd -  Anyone who is interested  in asking Supervisor Herrity about the design and construction of the Hooes Road pathway to connect the Fairfax County Parkway with Silverbrook Road, the contact in Herrity’s office is Peyton Onks, 703 451-8873 and/or

    • FCDOT will attend the February SCF meeting to provide HOAs with information on how to request and obtain traffic-slowing humps in neighborhoods. Is there interest in our community?

    • We passed three resolutions having to do with the landfill and its evolution one day into a park-with-a-view trying to keep a close eye on that progress.

    • Bathroom design at the Central Green - The last piece needed at the recently opened Laurel Crest Central Green park is selection and construction of the bathroom.  The Park Authority has submitted a design that has been described as "a 1960's McDonalds without the arches".  We are going to post the currently approved design on the SCF website, and would like to hear what others think. Assuming that the majority of folks agree that it really is ugly, we will go to the Feb meeting of the Architectural Review Board and hope to get approval for a different, more pleasing design.  I just checked the website, and it doesn't look like those posts have been made yet. I'll write again when it's available.

Seeking Candidates for the Board of Trustees

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by Alan Sullivan, Crosspointe Board of Trustees and Elections Committee Chairperson

Every Spring the Crosspointe Homeowners’ Association holds an election for about half the trustees on the nine – person Board of Trustees (BOT) for two-year terms.  In 2021 homeowners will vote to fill five seats on the BOT.  If you would like an opportunity to help shape the future of Crosspointe, we strongly encourage you to run for a seat on the BOT or nominating someone else to run as a candidate.

The BOT’s Dual Role

 The BOT has two distinct roles in Crosspointe’s governance and business matters.

In its governmental capacity, the BOT exercises authority to collect quarterly homeowners’ association assessments and other fees and regulate community appearance and standards. The BOT Collaborates with the Architectural Review Board (ARB) and standing committees (Budget and Finance, Open Space, Pool, Tennis, Social, Communications and others).  The BOT also strives to ensure the best interest of Crosspointe is served in local and regional affairs by providing representation on local citizen action groups.

In its business role the BOT oversees the Association’s $1.7 million budget and ensures full funding of our capital reserves account.  The BOT aggressively seeks to control costs through negotiation of multiyear contracts for services that include waste disposal, pool maintenance and operations, and upkeep of Crosspointe’s open space.

Crosspointe’s extensive facilities - a community center, two pools, tennis courts in three locations, six tot lots, five multipurpose courts, multiple entrance gates, and extensive open space including two ponds and 12 miles of trails - require substantial maintenance. To best anticipate future maintenance, repair and replacement requirements, the BOT relies upon the Community’s “Reserve Study,” an analysis of the lifecycle and replacement costs of all of Crosspointe’s common property facilities and equipment.

Prior experience in serving on a board is not required.  The BOT’s members have diverse backgrounds in government, military, business, and community volunteer work, which ensures a variety of perspectives on matters affecting our community.  The BOT meets monthly for several hours to review and act upon matters included in a read-ahead package prepared by our Community Manager, Ms. Heather McDevitt, as well as issues raised by Crosspointe residents. Additionally, each member of the BOT serves as a liaison to one or more of the standing committees (Pool, Open Space, Tennis, etc.), which also generally meet monthly.  

Your investment of time as a BOT member is modest but the rewards can be great; the issues that you deal with are diverse, often complex and important for both the individual residents as well as the community as a whole.  A major benefit of serving on the BOT is acquiring knowledge of the inner workings of your community, and the concerns and interests of individual residents.  

The Nomination and Election Process

Submit all nominations to the Community Manager by 4:30 PM on Tuesday, January 5, 2021.  You may nominate yourself or someone else, subject to their written consent to serve on the BOT for a two-year term.  

The nomination should include a biographical sketch, limited to 250 words.  These writeups typically include information about personal background as well as the nominee’s goals for service on the BOT, but may include any information the individual feels will best advance his/her candidacy.   The biographical sketches, subject to editing, will be published in the Crosspointe Chronicle and on the community website(   For example, see the Jan-Feb 2020 Crosspointe Chronicle available on the Crosspointe website.

The Community Manager will mail election ballots and copies of all nominee statements to all Crosspointe homeowners in February 2021.  Homeowners will complete their ballots and return them to the Community Manager or submit them at the annual homeowners meeting scheduled for March 24, 2021 when the votes will be tabulated and winners announced.

If you have questions about serving on the BOT or the nominating process, email me at  You may also Contact the Crosspointe Community Manager, Ms. Heather McDevitt at (703) 690-2321 or  This article is in the Nov/Dec 2020 Crosspointe Chronicle on pages 1 & 4. Click on link to access the newest edition of the Crosspointe Chronicle:

Dec. 14 - Last Monday for Republic to Collect Yard Debris Until March 2021

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Republic will end Monday Yard Debris pickup after Dec. 14.  During the winter months through February 2021, any yard debris can be set out with your regular trash. 

Nov-Dec 2020 Chronicle Available Online

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The Nov-Dec 2020 Chronicle is now available. Scroll down to newsletter icon. Click on icon to view current newsletter.  The printed newsletter was delayed due to the Thanksgiving holiday and should be available by the weekend.

Interested in Receiving Crosspointe Emails?

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Sign up to receive community event updates, trash collection updates, the food truck schedule, COVID phase updates at pools, recreational facility updates, and more.  

Contact the Crosspointe Management Office at (703) 690-2321 or send an email to and request that your address is added to the Crosspointe Community Email List.  Send us your full name, address and email address.  We will be sure to add you to the community list. 

Crosspointe's Next Virtual Wine Tasting Series - January 22 & 23

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THE VIRTUAL WINE TASTING SERIES is continuing with the French wine tasting set for Friday, January 22 or Saturday, January 23 at 7:30 pm.  You must pick a date at time of purchase. The tastings are limited to 25 households or "screens" per night and there can be as many as 4 people on a "screen."  

French wines are more expensive and will cost $110-$120 for the four wines.  

Need to Make an Online Assessment Payment? Order Resale Disclosure Documents to Sell Your Home?

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Sign up for FSRConnect to make an assessment payment, place an order for resale disclosure documents, order a refinance account verification letter, check your account balance, look at an ARB application or another document in your unit file, review Board of Trustee meeting minutes, and much more. Go to 

Assessment Payment Address

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Crosspointe’s management company, FirstService Residential, recently mailed account statements to ALL owners. This was done in error. Homeowners setup to make quarterly payments through ClickPay’s ACH recurring payments (autopay), credit card payments, or by direct debit, should disregard the statements. Automatic payments will continue to be processed as usual. No additional payment is due. If you have questions about your ClickPay account, please feel free to contact ClickPay at 1-888-354-0135 (Opt. #1) or go to or

Owners making assessment payments by check or bank bill pay service will need to update the PO Box number when sending assessment payments. The change takes place Jan. 1, 2019. Owners using a bank bill pay service will need to contact their banks or access their payment accounts and change the PO Box number to 62010. Please confirm that the mailing address is correct:

c/o FirstService Residential DC Metro PROCESSING CENTER
PO BOX 62010
NEWARK, NJ 07101

If your payment was mailed to the old lockbox address (old PO Box), do not worry.  Payments will continue to be processed for a few more months at the old lockbox but do not delay, update the mailing address right away. 

Report a Crime, Suspicious Person or Activity

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To report a crime that has already taken place, or a suspicious person or activity, any suspicious activity, use this non-emergency reporting number for the Fairfax County Police Department. Use this method if you want to speak with or see a police officer.

Call 703-691-2131

VDOT Snow Removal on All Crosspointe Community Streets

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The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is responsible for removing snow and ice from the thousands of miles of public roads (interstate, primary, and secondary) in Fairfax County, including Crosspointe streets.  Below are some common questions asked every year regarding the snow removal of Crosspointe streets to include some helpful links for residents, provided by VDOT.  

How soon will all roads be passable after a winter storm?
Other secondary roads and subdivision streets will be treated if multiday storms hit Virginia, but crews will focus their efforts on those roads that carry the most traffic. The innovative Web tool, found at